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When it comes to great music and entertainment during the Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally there is no shortage of Rally Artist’s or where to find them! Live music is it!! For each and every Rally event plenty of local and regional acts are slated to perform all week long just about everywhere on the Beach.
Featured below are some of the acts scheduled to perform during the upcoming rally dates, we have great local artists that you can usually catch anytime you might be here in Panama City Beach!

Fall 2018 BAND INFO | See the Schedule page for where to catch your favorite rally artist!


Jeremiah James | Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally® Artist

Jeremiah James

Indian Motorcycle

Jeremiah has been singing and performing since early childhood. His father played 5-string banjo and family time was often spent with his father pickin’ on old country and bluegrass while Jer sang into the wee-hours of the morning. This was the start of Jeremiah’s passion for music.  Musical style influences include; soul, southern-rock, country, classic rock, and R&B. Artist influences include anything from Willey Nelson to Kid Rock. Jeremiah plays a Washburn acoustic guitar, Telecaster electric guitar, and a Yamaha P-88 Keyboard.

Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally® Rally Artist | Big Engine

Big Engine

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort

Even after playing over 200 shows a year, people just can't get enough of Big Engine's nitrous fueled shows and the high energy music that brings down the house night after night. Along with the die-hard fans that follow the boys from town to town, uninitiated newcomers seldom last the entirety of the show without raising their fists in the air and singing along to the band's catchy choruses and instantly memorable lyrics. An always popular Rally Artist, catch them at the Sandpiper Beacon Tiki Bar!
These road warriors travel the country, bringing the party with crowd favorites: "Shake That Thing", "That Girl's a Freak", "Turn It On," "Party Like A Rockstar" and "Sister Mary."

Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally® Rally Artist | Todd Simpson

Todd Simpson

Todd Simpson is young man from a small town in Alabama. He has spent the last five years playing well over 1800 shows, from small towns in the Mississippi Delta to the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go.  Known around the south as a guitar prodigy capable of playing every way imaginable (right handed, left handed, behind the back, Jeff Healey style, etc. ) Todd often gets lost in the music. This passion is what leads many fans to refer to his performances as The Todd Simpson Experience. For all of the guitar prowess that Todd is known for, there is much more to his music. Todd is raw and passionate and most of all, real.

Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally® Rally Artist | True Soul

True Soul

So many bands play one or two styles of music, but our goal is to incorporate many different styles, giving everyone a chance to hear something they like. We are the band that gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to dance and groove to the beat. If you are looking for a timeless love song or a smooth groove we've got that. If you are looking for something to rock out to we've got that. If you are looking for a country tune with a good story we've got that too. When we put on a performance it's not just a couple guys playing music, it's a concert.

Brian Grilli Spring 2018 Ms. Newby's

Brian Grilli

Brian Grilli and his successful debut effort “Damn Good Day” got the Independent music world and the National music scene to take notice. The title track and first single climbed fast on the charts reaching #1 on Indieworld. Brian has written songs for “Sons of Anarchy” and the Award Winning Independent Documentary “Until It Hurts”. An accomplished musician and songwriter he has garnered the attention of many prominent players and was invited to play Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night at Summer NAMM ’14 w/ Brent Mason, Anders Osborne, John Corabi among others. He appeared in September 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

Brian Grilli Spring 2018 Ms. Newby's

Allman Goldflies Band

The Allman Goldflies Band stems from the long-term friendship of two musicians, Gary Allman and David Goldflies.
Gary Allman’s music contains stories from all of his life. His recent songs portray Gary’s journey through the United States Criminal Justice system, his pain and loss, and finally…his redemption.  David Goldflies, a lifelong musician, distinguished himself at an early age with multiple tours and albums with the Allman Brothers Band.  The band also includes drummer Shawn “Shack” Shackelford and guitarists Joe Weiss and Matt Siegel.  The Allman Goldflies Band is renewing southern music with honest, hard driving, inspired performances.

Beth Beighey Spring 2018 @ Ms. Newby's

Beth Beighey

Beth is a singer/songwriter whose honest lyrics and powerful voice are the driving force behind her artistry. Beighey has called Nashville home for 5 years and has been privileged to perform in some of the most famous venues all over the country, along with opening for national acts such as CCR, Luke Bryan, and Blackberry Smoke.  Now, the Detroit, Michigan native has taken her own vocals to the songs she’s written and released her debut EP titled ‘Wild’.  Beighey and her producer, Matt Geroux, have been working together in the studio since 2016 capturing Beth’s wide range of musical influences.

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